Our Mission

To learn, explore, and create original artwork in an inclusive studio space. To provide artists with an opportunity to express their creativity and share their visual perspective on life, emotions, and inspiration within Wilmington's art scene and beyond. 

Meet The Partners

Catherine Crumpton


Cathy Crumpton is an artist, former art gallery owner, and North Carolina native. After decades in the pharmaceutical industry, Cathy chose to pursue her love of painting full-time here in Wilmington. Trained in traditional oil painting as a teenager, Cathy’s passion for connecting her community to the arts is at the heart of her distinct, curating eye. After owning a beautiful art gallery in her hometown of Durham, Cathy wanted to bring professional and budding artists together with art collectors, gallery owners, and designers here in Wilmington. Alongside her friend and Artiste’s co-founder, Jean Rosenberg, it was Cathy’s return to her own artistic passion that ignited the vision of an inclusive space for daily creativity and self-expression on canvas.

Jean Rosenberg

Managing Partner

Jean Rosenberg is a seasoned floral designer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. After years of owning Wilmington’s Fiore Fine Flowers, Jean was ready for a new creative outlet. As she began to pursue her passion for oil painting, Jean’s entrepreneurial spirit saw a need to build a central art space for her community to cultivate their own passion for the arts. Her friendship with Artiste’s co-founder, Cathy Crumpton, inspired these former small business owners to provide an inviting space where artists can express themselves creatively every day.

Beth Foster

Managing Partner

Beth Foster has been surrounded by art since her childhood.  Her Great Uncle owned a gallery where she spent many hours enjoying the beauty of the paintings and learning from her talented family. This led her to a double major in Fine Art and History of Art and Architecture from the University of Wisconsin. Beth's familiarity with the art scene in Wilmington and her fond relationship with the co-founders of Artiste Fine Art Gallery & Studio made her a perfect addition to the business. She continues to learn and paint at Artiste, where she shows and sells on a regular basis.